6th Third Eye ChakraThird Eye Chakra Crystals
By Anna Guggenberger

Working with crystals is energy work. Each stone has its own vibrational frequency that resonates with one of the many energy centres in our body and can help to balance and heal our chakras.

We have already established the powerful healing effects of crystal meditation in our last article; however, without mentioning that crystals used for healing should be cleansed before every use.

Crystals act like sponges, absorbing energies they are exposed to. The longer they sit around, the more energy, negative or positive, they take in. Therefore, it is important to cleanse and re-charge your crystals on a regular basis.

There are several methods to cleanse your crystals. The most accessible and easy one is to rinse them or let them sit in water. If I don’t have access to fresh ocean or lake water, I usually prefer to rinse them. The same way a long shower helps to wash away negativity, rinsing your crystals with the intention of cleansing them will help to remove negative energy that they have absorbed over time. Make sure to check that your crystals can be immersed in water, because some salt crystals or crystals with a high metal content should not come into contact with water.

After cleansing them, re-charge your crystals in sunshine or moonlight. Personally, I prefer to let them absorb the gentle energy of Luna. I place them in a circle in a safe, but well-lit place on a full moon night and bring them back inside in the morning.

Anna Guggenberger Crystals

No matter what method you prefer for crystal cleansing, be aware that they will continue to absorb energies from yourself and your room. Before bringing your crystals back in, you should always cleanse your room with sage or incense to disintegrate negative energies.

To continue our series, I would also like to present you the most effective crystals to balance the third eye chakra. As the name already suggests, the third eye chakra is associated with vision, helping us to see things beyond the physical realm. A balanced sixth chakra helps us to access greater wisdom and strengthen our intuition.



The dark blue crystal has been used for many centuries, for example as a stone for priests and priestesses in ancient Egypt, or as a sacred stone used to contact spiritual guides by Native Americans. The stone is said to alleviate stress and worry, help to regain control over emotions, and dissolve blockages in the third eye chakra.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Not only Azurite was popular among Egyptians. Lapis Lazuli was often used to inlay sarcophagi and other burial ornaments. The semi-precious stone was also used by some of the most important Renaissance and Baroque artists for its deep blue colour. Carrying the stone, or placing it on the forehead, between the eyebrows, helps to activate the psychic abilities of the third eye.


Kyanite is an extremely powerful stone as it does not retain negative energy and therefore, does not need to be cleansed. Because of this self-cleansing ability, Kyanite (and Citrine) can be used to cleanse other crystals. Place them on top of a Kyanite cluster and leave them there for 24 hours (or as long as it takes for you to feel like they have taken up the energy from your Kyanite).

The last article of our series will explore our connection with the Universe and our divine self through our crown chakra, and show how to unravel its power.
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