5th Throat ChakraThroat Chakra Crystals

By Anna Guggenberger

With last week’s solar eclipse and new moon, we’ve entered a time of transformation and change, a time to heal and grow. It’s times like these in particular that should be used to release negative energy and let go of unwanted thoughts. By tapping into the cosmic energy we can transform ourselves to become more peaceful, calm and at one with the world around us.

Not only Buddhists benefit from the practice of meditation. Meditating helps us to create an increase in our own coherence and fill the space around us with peace and harmony. Meditation improves our own quality of life and that of those around us. With as little as 10 minutes a day, meditation can help to reduce stress, lessen fears and worries, and increase your mood drastically. You don’t believe it? Try it for a few weeks and I promise you will notice a shift in your mood.

Beginners often experience that they are unable to focus during meditation and that their mind keeps wandering off. By incorporating crystals and gemstones into the meditation practice, you can create a positive environment and get yourself into the right mindset. 

Each crystal has a unique energy and aligns with one of your seven chakras. You can either intuitively select the crystals and pick the ones that speak to you the most, or determine which of your chakras needs balancing by taking a chakra test and choose the right crystal accordingly. Sometimes it’s enough to take a moment to listen to your body. Do you seem to be getting a lot of headaches? Are you suffering from allergies or intolerances? Most of these symptoms can hint at imbalances in one of your seven chakras.

A closed throat chakra, for example, can manifest as feelings of insecurity and shyness and may even cause voice or speech problems. Stuttering or damages of the vocal cords, for instance, can be bodily manifestations of inner beliefs that we don’t have anything to say, or are unable to express ourselves adequately.

The throat chakra is also known as the centre of purification. The act of speaking can be seen as a process of transforming our thoughts into speech and sending them out into the world and if we control what we put into and what comes out of our mouth, we have controlled much of our mind already, as Sri Dharma would say. 

When meditating with crystals, it is best to either place them directly above your chakras, if you choose to lie down, or to hold them in your left hand. Blue and turquoise crystals have the biggest effect on the throat chakra, for example Amazonite, Aquamarine and Labradorite.


This turquoise stone can help to identify and verbalise fears and worries. It empowers to communicate your thoughts and feelings and make your voice be heard. Carry it in your pocket throughout the day, or use it to meditate repeating the following affirmations:

My voice is important and it is heard.
I am able to vocalise my feelings.
I am able to express myself clearly.


The name ‘Aquamarine’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘water of the sea’ and represents purity and truth. It is thought to assist in understanding thoughts and patterns and open communication.


Carrying a Labradorite protects the owner from negative thoughts. It is a powerful crystal that helps to face insecurities and overcome them, and openly communicate what we think and how we feel.

While the throat chakra governs our communication, the third eye chakra, or 6th chakra, cultivates our mind. Our next article will identify the cause for imbalances of the third eye chakra and determine what crystals help to balance it. 


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About Anna
Anna is a thinker, dreamer, and raconteur. She grew up in the Austrian countryside surrounded by mountains, forests, and meadows, where her creative spirit and vivid imagination were cultivated. The aspiring writer seeks to inspire and spark conversations about topics ranging from mental health and body positivity to mindfulness and living in alignment with the energies of nature.