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Balance your Root Chakra with Crystals

By Anna Guggenberger

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine. Its sanscrit name ‘muladhara’ means ‘base’, or ‘foundation’, indicating the main functions of the first of the seven chakras. The root chakra is our base, where we cultivate our connection with the Earth. It’s where we ground ourselves and establish feelings of safety and security in all situations that help us to go out and tackle the challenges life throws at us. Without the stability and rootedness of the first chakra, we are unable to grow and evolve as human beings.

Imbalances in the first chakra manifest themselves in feelings of insecurity. People with a blocked root chakra don’t see the world as a safe place and are governed by constant worries about their job situation, health, money or physical safety. Fortunately, there are countless ways of balancing muladhara. 

Each chakra is connected to a specific colour and symbol. The red lotus flower representing the base chakra features a downward-pointing triangle surrounded by a circle and four petals. The triangle symbolises grounding and our connection to our earthly existence. The colour of the root chakra is red, which is associated with strength and survival.

When choosing the right crystals to balance the root chakra, colour plays an important role. Red or black stones such as red jasper and hematite correspond with the vibrational frequency of muladhara and provide a great tool in chakra healing. The following three crystals have a powerful healing effect on the root chakra:

red jasper

Red Jasper
The virtues of Jaspers have already benefitted our ancient ancestors. Considered powerful protection stones, Jaspers were used as talismans for warriors. Red Jasper is believed to improve physical strength, energy and stamina and at the same time establish a deep connection with nature and the guardians of life. Wearing or carrying a Red Jasper can help to restore the balance of the root chakra and eliminates fear and negativity.

Snowflake ObsidianSnowflake Obsidian

Black Obsidian, the birthstone for Sagittarians, is a powerful healing stone that shields us from negative influences. Particularly beneficial for empaths and highly sensitive people, it absorbs negative energies and has a calming effect. Don’t forget to cleanse and re-energise the stone after every use or it will retain the negative energy. Let it soak in salt water for a few hours and then rinse it under cool running water to remove the salt. Another great way to re-charge your crystals is to leave them outside on a full moon night, so they can absorb Luna’s energy. 


The metaphysical properties of Hematite help us stay grounded in all situations. The name derives from haima, the Greek word for blood and is considered a safeguard, a stone that prevents the ‘loss of blood’. Hermatite as an emotional healer removes negative thoughts and pessimism and helps to increase feelings of confidence and self-esteem. However, Hematite can only unfold its full healing potential when it’s in direct contact with your skin.

Typically, crystals are more effective when placed directly over the chakra that needs healing. Place any of the three crystals mentioned above over your root chakra and leave them to work for a few minutes. Use the time to meditate and repeat root chakra affirmations to increase the healing effect:

I am safe and secure.
My spirit is grounded and connected to Mother Earth.
All is well.

The next article in our series will deal with the healing properties of Amber, Orange Carnelian and Sunstone and establish their relation to the second chakra. Read next post on 2nd Sacral Chakra.

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