Affina Organic Bath Towels

Surround yourself

in nature and find peace.
Affina Organic Bedding

lie down in waves of calm

in sheets of rain, in touch, in flow... become one


Timeless patterns from the sea.

A Transformative Philosophy

We believe nature is key to transforming our bodies and soul.
Inspired by the beauty and energy of nature, our eco-friendly products are designed from nature's patterns, colors, textures and forms to enhance your everyday rituals.


As a mission-driven brand, we collaborate with such humanitarian and nature conservation nonprofits as Water.Org, The Sea Turtle Foundation and Rock The Ocean

In Harmony with Nature

Rooted in ancient, spiritual, philosophical and cultural beliefs, the Affina philosophy celebrates Nature's beauty and her ability to enhance our life.


Affina Organic Cotton in Field

Honoring Mother Earth

As we take tranquility and well-being from nature, we give back by honoring Mother Earth in the use of organic materials and earth-friendly processes.


Balancing your Chakras with Crystals

Balancing your Chakras with Crystals

An 8-part series in our Biophilia Blog written by Anna Guggenberger, a writer seeking to inspire and spark conversations about topics ranging from mental health and body positivity to mindfulness and living in alignment with the energies of nature. 



Slowing down to nature's rhythms.

Retailers & Press

You can also find Affina products at Neiman Marcus, Horchow and select fine specialty retailers and B&Bs.

Affina Seaweaves Home Goods Collection

Timeless as the Tides

Seaweaves™ by Affina

Dynamic patterns from the sea woven into 100% organic cotton textiles for home, body and soul.

Sand Ripples
Natural, rhythmic patterns formed by wind, waves and ocean currents. We captured our Sand Ripple towel pattern along the shores of New Jersey.
Affina Hand-Carved Stone Dishes
Hand-Carved Sandstone Soap Dishes
Stone Sculptor Stephen Hutchins
The Stonework of Stephen Hutchins
Most of stone-carver and sculptor, Stephen Hutchins's work is made from stones he finds through his travels in the Southeast along riverbanks, hiking trails, sprawling pasture land, or abandoned quarries.
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