Affina Custom-Designed Product for Hotels & Spas



In Harmony with Nature

Affina brings nature’s intrinsic patterns, colors, textures and forms inside to balance mind, body and spirit through the senses.

Seaweaves™ consists of four distinct collections of designed, sourced and sampled fine quality organic home and spa products available to retailers and hospitality entities for license, or direct import.

Designed from naturally-forming patterns found in our oceans woven in 100% organic cotton, Affina’s intrinsic designs, call us back to nature.

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Custom Design

We offer custom design and product development services to retailers and hospitality companies through our design collaborative, Surface.

With over 25 years of experience designing for some of the leading design-driven decor brands, our strengths lie in our extensive manufacturing resources, technical know-how, and our ability to create a cohesive, unified story across a full spectrum of product categories.

What also sets us apart is our technical know-how and large library of techniques, materials, patterns and forms, which allow us to continually innovate and address our clients’ goals. 

Working with your team, we can devise exclusive collections unique to your desires and specifications, ensuring the highest quality of product at your desired price points. For more info, please contact us through our design site: