Homebound slowing down to Nature's rhythms

HOMEBOUND. We’ve been thinking a lot about this word lately. Its a very poignant word at this extraordinary time of COVID-19. A word that has two very different meanings; being confined to one’s home and going homeward. The first definition evokes emotions of stress and worry, the second, comfort and peace. In it’s literal sense, the first definition would be correct right now. However, as humans we have the capacity to shift our focus to the latter. 

At this moment in time, we have this unprecedented opportunity to reconnect with the physical, personal, and collective place we call HOME. An opportunity to slow down to nature’s rhythm, reflect, reconnect with all that matters, discard what is no longer working or needed, and refresh/rebuild what is... an opportunity to return HOME, renewed.

We are all trying to make sense as to why this is happening to us all. Perhaps, the purpose is to bring us closer to a new way of life.... and we are pretty sure that starts with HOME, in every definition of the word.