“Kelly blurs the line between photography and painting. His subject matter, ranging from images of the natural world (flora and fauna), to urban and residential landscapes and focuses on the individual’s place in a given environment. 'New York Artworld' Magazine

British fine art photographer Pete Kelly sees the beauty in nature and has traveled all over the world documenting his surroundings. His photographs capture moments in time - drawing the viewer into that moment. Nature's quiet stillness comes through in his work. In addition to his landscapes, he also shoots cityscapes, flora and fauna, animals and people outdoors connecting with nature.

Capturing the image is just the beginning of the creative process for him. He creates his painterly style using a complex process of layered photographs and found textures which he prints onto watercolor paper using museum-quality digital pigments. He then mounts the print to board adding an encaustic wax surface which is an ancient Egyptian crafting technique - a technique he is considered an authority on. Using beeswax in his work is a passion of Pete's. The more he learned about bees the more he was in awe of their pivotal role in the pollination of plants and the importance of bringing awareness to their declining population.

Pete is represented by Robin Rice Gallery in New York, as well as, several galleries in London.
Photo credit: ©Pete Kelly. All rights reserved.

Photographer Pete Kelly

Pete Kelly Goyt Valley

Pete Kelly Matlock Derbyshire

Pete Kelly Lyme Cage

Pete Kelly Lyme Park

Cheshire Plain

Pete Kelly Derbyshire

Pete Kelly Goyt Valley