Affina was conceived during a walk on the beach looking for shells. Our vision was to try and capture nature's beauty and showcase the importance of nature to our health and well being. Like, how a simple walk on the beach can calm and quiet our mind. How breathing in sea air and listening to the sound of the waves restores and puts our senses in order.

As children, we used to play outside for hours keeping ourselves entertained. We invented things and made them by hand using just our imagination. We explored our natural surroundings and dug our hands into the earth. In this technology-driven world, we've become so consumed with our phones and computers, many of us, including everyone here at Affina, long for real life experiences.

There's a great song by Australian singer-songwriter, Xavier Rudd called "Follow the Sun". The song's title says it all but this verse really resonates with us  – "Take a stroll to the nearest waters and remember your place".

At Affina we've made a personal pledge to get outside more ~ to reconnect to nature, life and ourselves. Hope to see you there!


Affina Hexo Coverlet

lie down in waves of calm
in sheets of rain
in touch, in flow
become one