Sankara Spa in Tarrytown, New York

Important Update: Currently, Castle Hotel & Spa’s Sankara Spa is closed for renovation. It will reopen sometime in 2024, for more info you can go to: Castle Hotel & Spa.

In the midst of this hectic, digitally driven world, finding a local day spa to retreat to can be a challenge. So many of today’s spas are set in unnatural settings - bustling city streets, strip malls, or along major highways, with lackluster interior design and decor. While they may be a good option for a quick massage, they don’t quite offer the right setting for the tranquil, healing escape our bodies crave.

Castle Hotel & Spa Tarrytown New York

One spa that exceeds expectations for a truly relaxing experience: the Sankara Spa, located at the Castle Hotel & Spa in Tarrytown, 25 miles north of New York City. Perched atop of the highest point in Westchester County on ten tranquil wooded acres with stunning vistas of the Hudson River Valley, the Sankara Spa is everything a luxury day spa should be.

It is an award-winning luxury estate owned by the Sankara Corporation, the same company that owns Hoakalei Country Club in Honolulu, Hawaii and Sankara Hotel & Spa in Yakushima Island, Japan, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its wildlife and cedar forests. The Japanese aesthetic and philosophy for living in harmony with nature is evident throughout the Castle Hotel & Spa property.

Fittingly, the word Sankara in Sanskrit means ‘formations' or 'that which has been put together' representing the human mind, body and soul. An oasis of peace and pure serenity, the spa offers a wide variety of luxurious treatments based on Sankara’s art of natural therapy, where all the senses are awakened by a unique holistic spa concept and ambience.

Sankara Spa is architecturally stunning; hidden inside a natural stone building with a courtyard and rock pathway surrounded by a serene wooded landscape. Inside the spa you will find soothing warm tones, a sophisticated natural decor and floor-to-ceiling glass windows with seasonal views of the grounds that induce a natural sense of calm.
Sankara Spa LobbySpa Lobby

Sankara Spa in TarryTown Relaxation LoungeRelaxation Lounge

Sankara Spa
Sankara Spa Painting
Nature-Inspired Abstract Paintings hang throughout the Spa
Sankara Spa Jacuzzi with with Affina Organic Bath TowelsVIP Couple Massage Room Soaking Tub, Affina Ventalina Organic Spa Towels
Sankara Spa Tarrytown New York
Sankara Spa VIP Massage Room Shower
VIP Couple Massage Room Shower, Affina Hexo Organic Spa Towels
Affina Organic Bath Towels at Sankara Spa
Affina Organic Bath Towel at Sankara SpaSankara Spa Jacuzzi with Affina Organic Spa Towels
Getting There: 
Take an express train (37 min) to Tarrytown New York on the Hudson Line from Grand Central.
Sankara Spa at the Castle Hotel & Spa
400 Benedict Avenue
Tarrytown, New York