Ventalina Plum Organic Cotton Beach Towel


Sculpted in a natural Gorgonia Ventalina (Sea Fan) pattern, our Ventalina organic beach towels are woven by some of the finest towel weavers in Portugal. Luxuriously over-sized (40×71″) and in a lush 450-gram weight, the pattern is sculpted in terry velour on the front with a solid loop terry back. Available in Plum and Bright Red Coral.

As we take inspiration and well-being from this abundant resource, we give back by honoring Mother Earth in our use of eco-friendly materials and processes. Our towels are made using 100% organic cotton and low-impact, fiber reactive dyes on our dyed items. They are tested and certified as free from more than 300 harmful substances by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, an independent, international textile testing and certification system, which ensures products are free of harmful chemicals.

Water Symbol
Gorgonia Ventalina, or the common sea fan, is a species of coral with a branching, fan-shaped skeleton that grows in colonies. The elaborately textured fans in brilliant hues wave gracefully underwater, as the ocean’s vibrant surprise.

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