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Natural scenic beauty is one of the most important factors to travelers in selecting a resort and most would prefer to stay in a room with a view. People go to spas to reduce stress, relax and feel better. They want their treatments to be soothing and tactile. They understand the importance of nature to their health and well-being.

We can design and source products customized to a your natural surroundings, offering you a new avenue to synergistically reinforce your core beliefs, differentiate yourself through your unique environment, and add value to your guest's experience. For more info please visit our wholesale website at or email us at:

Rooted in the rituals of rest, Affina brings nature’s intrinsic patterns, colors, textures and forms inside. Eco-friendly and customizable to a hotel or spa’s natural surroundings, Affina offers a new avenue for hotels, spas and wellness centers to synergistically reinforce their core beliefs, differentiate themselves through their unique environment and add value to their guest’s experience. With over 30 years designing and developing products for some of the most respected home decor brands, Affina can devise exclusive collections unique to a client’s desires and specifications.

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