Hospitality & Spa

affina hospitality

Affina brings nature’s intrinsic patterns, colors, textures and forms inside 
to balance mind, body and spirit through the senses.

Our made-to-order services include the design and sourcing of eco-friendly, custom-designed Affina products for direct import. Working with your operations and design team, we can devise exclusive collections unique to your desires and specifications, ensuring the highest quality of product at your desired price points. 

Through our parent company, Surface, we have over 25 years of experience and resources designing for some of the leading design-driven home and hospitality brands. Our strengths lie in our extensive manufacturing resources, technical know-how, and our ability to create a cohesive, unified story across a full spectrum of product categories. What also sets us apart is our technical know-how and large library of techniques, materials, patterns and forms, which allow us to continually innovate and address our clients’ goals. 

Made-to-order products can also be customized to a your natural surroundings offering you a new avenue to differentiate yourself through your unique environment, synergistically reinforce your core beliefs, and add value to your guest's experience.

Or if you prefer, you can choose from our pre-designed special order eco-friendly products from our Shell Print, Sea & Sand, Coral Reef and White collections, containing over 400 designed skus across multiple product categories. 

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