Hand-Carved Sandstone Soap Dish
Hand-Carved Sandstone Soap Dish
Hand-Carved Sandstone Soap Dish
Hand-Carved Sandstone Soap Dish
Hand-Carved Sandstone Soap Dish
Stone sculptor Stephen Hutchins

Hand-Carved Sandstone Soap Dish

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Our exclusive hand-carved, one-of-a-kind, and signed sandstone soap dish by Nashville sculptor and architectural stone carver, Stephen Hutchins. Made in the USA. Note: we have one dish left which is shown in photos.

Size: Approximately 6" round x 1 1/2" high, and roughly 4" on inside. Fits a regular sized soap. 

Stephen Hutchins passion for stone derives from his career as a stone mason, a career that began in New Hampshire in 2004. He's still working with stone but now in Nashville, Tennessee where he is a sculptor and architectural stone carver. Most of Stephen's work is made from stones he found through his travels in the Southeast along riverbanks, hiking trails, sprawling pasture land, or abandoned quarries. With each of his pieces, he seeks to reveal the versatility and aesthetic of stone, especially stone from the South.

Earth Symbol
Nestled along the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee is the small town of Crab Orchard where this rare sandstone was quarried. What was once considered worthless scrap in the early 1900's is now revered as one of the most sought after architectural building stones for its durability and color variance.  Predominately rose in color, it is streaked with irregular patterns in various shades of brown.

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