Affina Ventalina Organic Spa Mitt Set
Ventalina White Organic Spa Bath Mitt Set
affina organic bath wash mitts
Sea Fan Vieques Puerto Rico

Ventalina White Organic Spa Bath Mitt Set

A bathing staple found throughout France and Europe, our Ventalina 100% organic cotton spa bath mitt set is sculpted in a natural Gorgonia Ventalina (Sea Fan) pattern. Woven in Portugal, the design is sculpted in soft terry velour on the outside with solid loop terry inside, and has an attached loop for hanging in the shower or bath.

Water Symbol
Gorgonia Ventalina, or the common sea fan, is a species of coral with a branching, fan-shaped skeleton that grows in colonies. The elaborately textured fans in brilliant hues wave gracefully underwater, as the ocean’s vibrant surprise.

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