Hand-Carved Limestone Soap Dish


Our exclusive hand-carved, one-of-a-kind, stone soap dishes by sculptor and architectural stone carver, Stephen Hutchins. The Indiana Limestone used in these soap dishes dates back to the Mississippian sub-period 350 million years ago and is composed of 98% calcium carbonate, which is the main component of marine organisms. This stone is proof that Indiana and much of the Midwest was once covered by sea.

Each soap dish is a signed, one-of-a-kind.
Size: Approximately 5 3/4" diam.

Artist bio:
Stephen Hutchins passion for stone derives from his career as a stone mason, a career that began in New Hampshire in 2004. He's still working with stone but now in Nashville, Tennessee where he is a sculptor and architectural stone carver. Most of Stephen's work is made from stones he found through his travels in the Southeast along riverbanks, hiking trails, sprawling pasture land, or abandoned quarries. With each of his pieces, he seeks to reveal the versatility and aesthetic of stone, especially stone from the South.

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