Affina Strigosa Organic Cotton Spa Mitt Set
Strigosa Yellow Organic Spa Bath Mitt Set
brain coral Vieques
Diploria Strigosa
affina organic bath wash mitts

Strigosa Yellow Organic Spa Bath Mitt Set

A bathing staple found throughout France and Europe, our Strigosa 100% organic cotton spa bath mitt set is sculpted in a Diploria Strigosa (Brain Coral) pattern. Woven by some of the finest towel weavers in Portugal, the design is sculpted in soft terry velour on the outside with solid loop terry inside, and has an attached loop for hanging in the shower or bath.

Water Symbol
Diploria Strigosa, also known as Brain Coral, features a maze of twisting, turning walls and valleys that symbolize the complex labyrinth of the human brain.The massive colonies of sculptural, boulder-like reefs with their sinuous patterns are nature’s underwater modern art creations.

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